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    What is Education Loan

    Educational loans are available through top Indian banks to help students to achieve the academic targets they have set. The interest rates for a loan to study with a payback period of between 15 and 15 years begin at 6.60 percent annually. These loans are available for both international and foreign higher education. You could obtain a loan to finance higher education, whether either part-time or full-time classes, or loans for professionals working.

    These loans are available for both international and foreign higher education. You could obtain a loan to finance higher education, whether either part-time or full-time classes, or loans for professionals working.

    As you post your query at RupiLoan, in a matter of seconds, you’ll be speaking to one of our loan advisors, who will walk you through the whole education loan with low interest application process, from start to finish. We’ll send a representative to your door if you want to chat face-to-face! At RupiLoan , we understand that for taking an education loan in ajmer you always need the best considerations, and we always offer that is good for you.

    Features and Benefits of Education Loan

    Depending on the needs of the borrower, we may customize our loan to match their needs for instant education loan online in ajmer To ensure a smooth application procedure, we promise no delays in approvals, and we provide special, convenience-first rewards! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most valuable benefits and features offered by our company when it comes to education loans.


    Loans for higher education may be used to pay for a variety of expenses. The grant will cover the cost of textbooks and travel expenses.

    There are tax breaks available for those who qualify

    The entire interest you pay on a student loan may be deducted from your taxable income under IRC Section 80E. For up to eight years, you may claim this deduction on your taxes.

    In the meantime, the moratorium remains in place

    When a borrower is given a moratorium period, it’s like taking a vacation during the loan term. During this time, they are not compelled to return the loan.

    Minimal Documentation

    You are only required to submit minimal documents including documents for identity proof, address proof and income proof.

    Acquiring a clean credit record

    Repaying a student loan on time can help them build a good credit score, which will make it easier for them to acquire a loan in the future.

    Types of Personal Loan

    You can avail personal loans for multiple purposes without any restrictions on end-usage. Best personal loans available for specific uses are as follows:-

    Wedding Loan:

    Many lenders offer personal loans for weddings which helps you make your or your childâs wedding a memorable event. The funds can be used for organising destination weddings as well as buying jewellery.

    Travel Loan:

    Travel loan is also known as a holiday loan that you can take to meet all the expenses related to vacation and pay the amount later. The added benefit of this loan is that it comes with travel insurance.

    Home Renovation Loan:

    A home renovation loan, also called a home improvement loan, helps you take care of costs like repairing costs, buying new material, labourerâs charges, etc. Unlike a home loan, you do not need to mortgage your house to get a personal loan for home renovation.

    Pension Loan:

    These are the loans for retired people to help them meet medical or daily expenses. The eligibility criteria such as age, work experience, salary credits etc do not apply for a pension loan. However, a pensioner has to submit pension proof to avail of this loan.

    Personal Loan for Education:

    Education Loan has existed for decades and has helped many people fulfill their dream. However, this loan only covers tuition fees, hostel fees and all the other expenses related to education. If you study abroad or do not take the hostel facility, then the living cost will not be covered under an education loan. A personal loan for education can be a better option to cover all these expenses as it can be availed for any purpose and interest rates are also lower than an education loan.

    Consumer Durable Loan:

    Banks offer consumer durable loans to people who want to buy white goods or any electric device. Also, sometimes such loans are covered by insurance.

    How to Apply for a Best Education Loan Online?

    To apply for an online best education loan, either you can visit the official website of the lender or perform the following steps:-

    • Step 1 : If you need a thorough personal loan comparison before deciding on the bank, visit
    • Step 2 : Click on the Personal Loan tab.
    • Step 3 : Fill in the required information like name, age, loan amount required etc on the form given on the right side.
    • Step 4 : Click on âGet Quote’.
    • Step 5 : Fill the OTP and click âSubmitâ.
    • Step 6 : At this step, you will be requested to provide a few more details to get customised offers. Fill in the details and click âSubmitâ.
    • Step 7 : Compare your eligible offers and select the one that meets your requirements.
    • Step 8 : Get assistance from our loan advisors or choose to complete the online journey to get instant loan approval and disbursal.

    Education Loan EMI Calculator

    Education Loan EMI Calculator is an online tool that helps you to calculate the EMI by entering details about the loan amount, interest rate and tenure. Advanced EMI calculators also build an amortization schedule which gives you a break up of every EMI into interest as well as loan repayment. EMI calculators are preferable over manual calculation due to their instant and accurate results and an ability to do multiple calculations in one go.

    How to Get Instant Approval on Education Loan?

    To get instant approval on a Education loan, you need to fulfil the following conditions:-

    • A good relationship with your existing bank is maintained by paying off dues and instalment on time. If you are a savings account holder, ensure that you maintain the minimum required balance per month. This way, the lender develops trust in you and grants you an instant loan based on your financial credibility.
    • Make credit card payments on time and maintain a good balance between no use and excessive usage of your credit card.
    • A good credit score is key to getting a loan quickly. Maintain a good credit score above 650 and get the loan amount sanctioned in the account within no time.
    • If you are working with top corporations and getting timely salary credits, you stand a better chance of getting a loan.
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